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22 Oct
Time is Money: Welcome to Moscow’s Anticafes Moscow’s Anticafes is where it all actually started! Anticafes have been popping up all over Europe in the past five years, although not many people know they originated here in Russia! At these cafes/lounges, customer’s pay for their time spent at the venue and not for what they ...
14 Oct
Two days ago I made an awesome discovery. By accident, I found the cutest coffeehouse ever! Yesterday, me and my friend visited the Peter Paul Fortress. It was a really cold evening but still, we decided to go, we really wanted to see the beautiful building when it is lighted. Of course, it was totally ...
13 Oct
Moscow As The Melting Pot Of The East Time flies, and before you know it is time to leave the melting pot and go back home. I do not have many homes away from home, but Moscow surely makes it on the list. It has become really close to my heart.   Learning Russian in ...
02 Nov
Циферблат – Where time is money! In most parts of the world, it is normal to pay for a cup of coffee in a cafe and either drink it quickly in the shop or on the way to your destination. However, Russians have different expectations for their coffee shops. The time spent drinking coffee is considered almost more ...