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16 Sep
[pullquote align=”left or right”]”I am not a tree hugger, an esoteric or particularly religious, but when I’m standing in the forest, I always get this undefinable feeling and desire to describe it.” (Kaupo Kikkas)[/pullquote] Until this coming Sunday, the 20th of September, at the Latvian Photography Museum, the exhibition “Treescape” will be shown. This exhibition ...
10 Sep
Riga offers a great variety of cultural activities, museums and a charming unique old town. But sometimes everybody needs a bit of nature to escape urban life and recharge your batteries. Vērmanes Garden, which was opened to the public 1817, has a rich history and is the oldest public garden in Riga. Originally founded by ...
02 Sep
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Test your wit and teamwork skills at Mysteria, a puzzle-solving activity for you and your friends. You and your team mates are locked for an hour in a specially designed room equipped with clues and different tools to help you find your way out. All you have to do is join the pieces of the ...
26 Aug
“Rundāle” comes from the German place name Ruhenthal (Valley of Peace), yet Rundāle Palace has not had the most peaceful existence since its construction in 1768… Following the abdication of Duke Peter and the absorption of the Duchy of Courland to the Russian Empire in 1795, Catherine II presented the palace to Count Valerian Zubov, ...
23 Jul
Cēsis is one of Latvia’s most beautiful towns situated in the centre of Vidzeme with a medieval background and rich in contemporary culture. One of Cēsis’ most popular attractions is the Cēsis Castle. There you have the opportunity to go on a theatrical tour if arranged in advance, and even try medieval meals. If you ...
08 Jun
Today’s post will explore three ways of how to explore Riga and its surroundings from three different points of view: Underground, on water and from above. 1. Underground During the Cold War, only a select few knew what was hidden under the “Ligatne Rehabilitation Centre”. A vacation resort was built above ground during the 60s ...
17 May
The Riga Opera Festival has been taking place for 18 years now, and it has become a cherished tradition for many opera aficionados from Latvia and abroad. The event takes place at the Latvian National Opera House and starts June 5th and ends June 18th, and tickets have been for sale since January. Many performances that ...
05 Feb
Ed Sheeran is undoubtedly one of the hottest artists right now. His second album ‘X’ is among the most streamed albums of 2014 and has earned him several award nominations; he’s up for 4 at this year Brit Awards and 3 at the upcoming Grammy’s, where he has been tipped to take home the most coveted ...
22 Jan
One of Riga’s most popular and interesting attractions is the Riga Cat House. Located in Old Riga near the town center, the Cat House is easily spotted due to the two black cat statues situated on the roof. The building was originally constructed in 1909 and has art nouveau architecture. Although the building itself is ...
26 Nov
What Is the True Meaning of the Freedom Monument in Riga? The Freedom Monument in Riga is a symbol of independence and liberty. This impressive monument was built to honour the soldiers who had died during the Latvian War of Independence between 1918-1920, fought between the Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic and the provision government of the ...