History of the Russian Language

Understanding the origins of the Russian language is not only an important step in understanding the language itself, but can also offer a wealth of insight into the culture of the peoples who speak it. With a rich lexicon that is built around an intricate grammatical system, Russian is characterised by the same nuances of… Continue reading


4 Amazing Libraries in Moscow

Amazing Libraries

4 Amazing Libraries in Moscow And because we are in the Year of Literature, I thought it was appropriate to tell you about some of the amazing libraries in Moscow I wholeheartedly recommend you to visit! Российская государственная библиотека (Russian State Library) Let’s start with the largest library in Europe and 4th largest in the world, known by… Continue reading


5 Dinge über Sankt Petersburg, die du nicht wusstest

5 Dinge über Sankt Petersburg, die du nicht wusstest 1. Gogol’s Nase Fans der bekannten Erzählung „Die Nase“ können auf Voznesenskiy Prospect (Вознесенский проспект) Major Kowaljows geflohene Nase in aller Ruhe (ohne Verfolgungsjagd) betrachten. Dort ragt die große Marmorfigur aus einer Mauer heraus und ist, wie viele andere Denkmale der Stadt, dem Dichter Nikolai Gogol gewidmet.… Continue reading