Tea for Two: 5 Top Tea Rooms in St. Petersburg

A cup of tea with illustration of the Kremlin on the side

Tea has occupied a special place in Russian culture since the 17th century, when it was gifted to Tsar Michael I by the Mongolians. It quickly became the warming beverage of choice among Russian seeking to colonise the icy Siberian region and has been a staple in Russian kitchens ever since. Today, over 80% of… Continue reading


Which city should you study Russian in??

One of the best things about studying Russian with Liden & Denz is the many options you have for your studies. However, one of the first and most important choices to make is in which city you would like to study. Liden & Denz has three centres in three different cities, each offering the same… Continue reading


Dumskaya Ulitsa, Where The City Comes Alive At Night

Dumskaya Ulitsa, Where The City Comes Alive At Night Unassuming by day, you can quietly pass through the small street tucked down the side of Gostiny Dvor (Гостиный Двор). But after dark, and especially on the weekend, Dumskaya Ulitsa (Думская Улица) becomes the centre of grotty and underground nightlife in St. Petersburg. Wander into one… Continue reading