5 Places To See When Visiting Moscow


This year I spent nearly 10 weeks in Moscow and was able to see a variety of sights. With this blog post, I want to help you save time during your stay and gather together the most important places to see when visiting this amazing city. The Red Square The Red Square is one of… Continue reading


Poklonnaya Hill & Park Pobedy

Anyone who has ever been to Russia can’t help but notice the Russian pride in their various military victories throughout history. This pride usually manifests itself in memorials and monuments dedicated to those who fought and died in the conflicts. Even in some of the smallest villages and in the most remote areas of Russia,… Continue reading


Victory Day: In memory of the victims of the Second World War

Tag des Sieges

In a few days, all the nations that played a role in the Second World War will celebrate a special event: the victory over the German Reich in 1945. Depending on the country, the date varies between 8 and 9 May, when the Commander-in-Chief of the German Wehrmacht signed the document of unconditional surrender at… Continue reading