Bar 812

Saint Petersburg is full of great restaurants, but also bars. If you have been in Saint Petersburg for a while now, you are probably already familiar with Ulitsa Rubinsteina. But there is another nice street not too far from it – Ulitsa Zhukovskogo – that has many great bars, like Bar 812. Bar 812 is… Continue reading


I will definitely come back!

come back

I will definitely come back! I want to come back! Six months flew by so fast, and now it’s time for me to write my goodbye post. I came to Russia long time ago, in February when ice still covered completely the Neva in Saint Petersburg and people used to go ice-fishing on the canals.… Continue reading


Would you like a St. Petersburg Breakfast?

St. Petersburg Breakfast

Would you like a St. Petersburg Breakfast? There are many places to have St. Petersburg breakfast. We have created a selection of our favourite ones. Please enjoy your stay in the city. Obed Buffet A great place for a late breakfast, not so much a brunch, as they stop serving breakfast at noon. As you… Continue reading


A Visit To The House of Peter the Great

Peter the Great

A Visit To The House of Peter the Great In the centre of Saint Petersburg, a bit off the beaten track stands a small red pavilion that contains a even smaller house: Домик Петра I (Domik Petra I), the cabin of Peter the Great. Located in Петровская набережная № 6 (Petrovskaya Naberezhnaya n. 6), this… Continue reading


Russian Buses and Маршрутка

The most comfortable and efficient way to get around Saint Petersburg and Moscow is definitely the metro: it’s the fastest and easiest way for tourists and people that don’t know very much the city; in addition some metro stations are surprisingly beautiful, as real palace. But if one travels only underground he or she will… Continue reading


Tkachi Creative Space in St. Petersburg

One of the more interesting things to do while studying in St. Petersburg is to check out some of the city’s “creative spaces”. This offers a different view of the local culture and it may also be something you can’t find very easily in your home country. My colleague Ana wrote a great article about… Continue reading


I’m Thankful For Today – a great cafe in St. Petersburg!

This week I tried out a great new place in St. Petersburg which I would love to recommend to you! It’s called I’m Thankful For Today and is located just off the Griboyedov Canal (Канал Грибоедова), south of Nevsky Prospekt and not far from school. I’m Thankful For Today is open from 10:00am until the… Continue reading


Theaters in St. Petersburg!

When I first came to Russia I didn’t go to a ballet, unfortunately even the second time, and the third one I didn’t make it as well, so the fourth time I definitely wanted to go, one way or another. Everyday I passed by the Aleksandrinsky and Mikhailovsky Theater to go to school and everybody… Continue reading