5 Russian Easter Traditions You Can Try

Russian Easter eggs that are dyed and painted with elaborate patterns and placed in basket

Russian Easter traditions were suppressed in the Soviet era, but many have since been revived to their former glory.  Now, Easter, or Paskha (Пасха), is one of Russia’s biggest holidays. While there are many denominations in Russia that celebrate Easter, the Russian Orthodox church is the largest – and its Easter celebrations are certainly worth… Continue reading


August 8th 1945 – USSR declares war on Japan

Soviet-Japanese war

Today marks the 71st Anniversary of the beginning of the Russian-Japanese war. The invasion liberated Manchuria, and Mongolia from the control of Imperial Japan. It proved to be decisive in forcing Japan’s eventual unconditional surrender. In 1941, Japan and the USSR signed a neutrality pact. This prevented conflict between the USSR and the areas of… Continue reading