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16 Aug
In today’s society eating healthily and doing sports have become higher priorities, although taking care of your body has not always been that important. A few years ago this trend became extremely popular all over the world, including in Russia. Ever more women and men of all ages are on the hunt for healthy food. ...
11 Aug
There are a lot of things I love about Russia, but I’m definitely obsessed with food. If you’re planning to visit St.Petersburg (or Russia in general), mentally prepare yourself: you’ll gain some weight! It is impossible to resist delicious – and very affordable – street food while walking around the city. So, here are some ...
14 May
Have you ever dreamed of opening you own restaurant? Or do you just love to eat and try new stuff? Either way, this Saturday (16th of May) you are in for a treat. On Saturday the so called Restaurant Day will take place around the world, and of course Saint Petersburg will take part. The ...