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02 Oct
Liden & Denz organizes an excursion to the Russian Railway Museum in Saint Petersburg. But why should we care about it, why is it interesting for us? Russia is an enormous country, that needs to be connected, so it’s railway system is of key importance even to this day. Lot of us just takes trains ...
06 Nov
Last Friday students and staff at Liden & Denz Moscow center had the opportunity to visit a peculiarity of the Russian state. While you can find art museums, history museums, science museums, and museums of all other kinds spread across the globe, The National Museum of Vodka in Moscow seems to be a peculiarity unique ...
20 Oct
  Thursday night a number of Liden & Denz staff and students, including myself, for 900 rubles were able to go on a cruise down the Moscow River. The cruise, which started at the Hotel Ukraina (Гостиница «Украина», one of the Seven Sisters and pictured above) took passengers on a leisurely 2 hour trip down the ...
30 Jan
If you have been lucky enough to visit Red Square already, you probably have noticed that almost the entire side of the Kremlin wall facing the square is guarded and off limits most of the time. Why you ask? Because besides the large “black box” located in front of the wall, known as Lenin’s Mausoleum ...
12 Nov
This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to go visit a place that I had previously only heard about in a college Russian history class, as it was the site of a rebellion among sailors against their officers. The place is a little island town located right in the middle of the Gulf of Finland ...