A remedy against rainy days: a trip to VVTs

trip to VVTs

The run of terrible weather lately has got everyone in a very bad mood in Moscow. Especially during our Russian lessons here at L&D we couldn’t help but be irritated by the rain, since almost all of our plans and activities for the afternoon were cancelled. Fortunately, last week things went well in the end,… Continue reading


Liden & Denz enters STM Super Star Hall of Fame!

Liden & Denz has won the STM Star Award 2012 for best language school in the category “World Languages” for a fifth consecutive time! The 2012 awards were presented at the beginning of September at the Hilton Park Lane hotel in London. Winning the award this year, Liden & Denz has received STM Super Star… Continue reading


Russian Banya (Русская баня)

Russian banya

Russian Banya (Русская баня) I wrote before about the Latvian saunas, it is time to talk about Russian banya now, which are very similar due to their development under the soviet regime, and some customs are exactly the same. From medieval times going to bania is a very old Russian custom that grew with popularity and not… Continue reading