VK Fest – worth the hype?

This coming weekend the 20-21st of July 2019, VK Fest will be setting up in St Petersburg for the fifth year in a row. VK Fest is markedly the biggest festival in Russia – last year over 90 thousand people came from far and wide to attend this summer event. The tickets cost around 3000… Continue reading


Ghost tour in Moscow

If you want to meet a ghost and chat with spirits, you don’t need to travel to Transylvania, just take a walk around Moscow, which has an arsenal of nerve-tingling myths and blood-chilling legends, and enjoys a reputation as one of Europe’s most mysterious and strange cities. The ghost trip begins in Moscow’s central street,… Continue reading


Il centro di Design “ARTPLAY”


ARTPLAY il Centro di Design “ARTPLAY” è uno dei primi cluster creativi di Mosca, oltre che uno dei più importanti centri culturali di arte contemporanea della città. Il centro è nato dal restauro di un ex spazio industriale situato vicino alla fermata della metropolitana Kurskaya / Chkalovskaya e occupa ora un intero blocco della città… Continue reading