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22 May
Moscow is interesting and exciting all year round, but there are events on many days of the year that make the Russian capital even more vibrant. Festivals are a special experience that attracts and connects people from all over the world. The themes of the festivals are diverse and range from music events over historical ...
13 Jun
A look at Japan and Russia’s shared history Today marks the beginning of the 10th festival of Japanese culture, ‘Garden of Pleasures’ in Saint Petersburg. This festival takes place every year, and will last until the 24th of June. It aims to strengthen and develop relations between Japan and Russia, as well as educate people ...
03 Jun
If you happen to be in Latvia this summer, you should definitely attend one – or more – of these events! To know about other events taking place in Latvia this summer, click here. Closing concert for VIII Nordic-Baltic Choral Festival This year will be the 20th anniversary of the Baltic Choral Festival. It will be hosting about ...
25 Sep
The best possible way to get really well acquainted with a city is to get involved with as many local events and customs as possible. If you’re currently studying in Riga, this month will provide the perfect chance. Each year in September, the final Sunday of the month sees locals of Riga throw a huge ...