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10 Dec
3 Important Facts Before Visiting the Historic Mosfilm Studio in Moscow! 1.One of the Oldest Film Studios in Europe Mosfilm Studios located in Moscow has played host to the production of some of the most significant cinematic works in history. The Soviet Union pioneered the art of filmmaking in it’s earliest days, and Mosfilm is ...
21 May
Breaking News: The Cheburashka is Back ! Tonight will be screened the premiere of new film on Cheburashka – Чебурашка. The film will be released in the open air cinema “Пионер” inside the park Gorky (at 10 pm), which will show films throughout the summer season. So what is this strange little animal, with big ...
08 Jan
If you’re looking for something to do on a weekend in Saint Petersburg, then why not check out the city’s unique movie scene? The city actually has quite a few cinemas to choose from, but if you want a real SPB experience, then one of the best theaters to visit is the historic Aurora Theater(Аврора Кинотеатр). First opened in 1913, the Aurora is ...
04 Sep
Ready for 5 iconic Russian films from the 90’s?! After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russian cinema developed and many films produced in the 90’s show this evolution. Movies dealt with problems such as the new-born relationships between Russia and Western countries. Here is a top 5 of movies from the 90’s. 1) East/West ...
28 Aug
Top 5 Iconic Russian comedies Cinema is one of Russia’s finest arts. Here we present a countdown of Russian Soviet comedies. They have become cult movies in Russia, with many quotes used in everyday conversations. 5) Office Romance (Служебный роман) Sluzhebny Roman is a soviet movie by Eldar Ryazanov, premiered in 1977. It is the ...