4 reasons to visit the GUM-Fair in Moscow


The Red Square is not only the largest and most recognized symbol of Moscow, but it is the heart of the city surrounded by the major sights of the Russian capital. Walking in the Red Square, you can admire the most important buildings of the city, such as the Kremlin, the State History Museum, the… Continue reading


New Liden & Denz Website Online

Liden & Denz proudly presents its new website which is entirely blog-driven, very interactive and full of new features. Using the popular WordPress platform, the new site will be much easier to keep up-to-date but most importantly, www.lidenz.ru is much better organised and more user-friendly. New and improved features include: Live Events Calendars for Liden… Continue reading


валенки Museum-Alles rund um die warmen Filzschuhe

валенки sind traditionelle Russische Filzstiefel. Wie der Name schon sagt, werden sie ausschliesslich aus Filz hergestellt, weshalb sie auch nicht wasserdicht sind, dafür halten sie aber die Füsse selbst bei Temperaturen unter minus 30° Celsius noch schön warm. Damit die Füsse trotzdem trocken bleiben, werden валенки oftmals mit Galoschen getragen. Die Geschichte der валенки geht… Continue reading