Summer Festivals in Moscow


Moscow is interesting and exciting all year round, but there are events on many days of the year that make the Russian capital even more vibrant. Festivals are a special experience that attracts and connects people from all over the world. The themes of the festivals are diverse and range from music events over historical… Continue reading


On this day in History: 18th April 1956

On an official state visit to the United Kingdom, former Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev famously commented that: “You don’t like Communism. We do not like capitalism. There is only one way to proceed: peaceful coexistence”. With these words he showed the world that there is always possibility of peace between countries, regardless of their political… Continue reading


Tschischik-Pyschik, wo warst du?

Чижик-пыжик, где ты был? На Фонтанке водку пил. Выпил рюмку, выпил две — Зашумело в голове.   Tschischik-Pyschik, wo warst du? Ich habe Wodka getrunken. Am Ufer der Fontanka. Erst ein Gläschen, dann ein zweites. Und jetzt brummt mir der Schädel. „Tschischik-Pyschik hilft Studenten durch unglückliche Liebesaffären und durch Fahrten mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln ohne Ticket.“… Continue reading