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31 Oct
Which would be the perfect plan for a Halloween chilly evening? Watching Russian horror films! Although Halloween’s origins are not linked to Russia and the celebration is not as popular in the country as it can be in the USA or Ireland, Halloween has also taken over Russian territories. If you want to learn more ...
31 Oct
It’s that time of the year again, where you dress up in a terrifying costume and scare your friends: it’s Halloween. Of course, you know that every country has its own creepy and scary characters; like how British people have Jack the Ripper or the Austrians have ‘Krampus’. But what about Russia? Do the people ...
05 Nov
Russian Halloween Celebration in St Petersburg! Russian Halloween celebrations are not as popular in Russia as it is in other countries around the world. The religious significance of the 31st October does not relate to the Russian Orthodox calendar, and some religious officials even think that the holiday is ‘Satanic’, so much so that I ...