How culture saved Leningrad during the Siege

The blockade was both unique in the scale of suffering and resilience exhibited. We can never imagine what it would have taken to survive 900 days (including 3 Russian winters), on rations lower than those in the Nazi concentration camps of the same period. So how did the jewel of Imperial Russia survive the siege?… Continue reading


Do You Know About Moscow Underground World?

Moscow Underground World

Do You Know About Moscow Underground World? Do you know what’s secretly hidden under the streets of Moscow? The Moscow Metro? Well, there’s even something more! It’s the Moscow Underground World. Walking along Moscow улицы (streets) and бульвары (boulevards), you might not be aware that under your feet there’s another city. A mysterious maze of… Continue reading


Hello everyone!

Здравствуйте все! My name is Ana, and I am the new editorial assistant at Liden & Denz. For the next six months I will be writing about Russian culture and interesting places I recommend you to visit, and keeping you posted on social events coming up that you might like to attend. But a little… Continue reading