What to see and do in Priozersk

The Korela fortress

On a recent day trip, I rented a car and drove to Priozersk (Приозерск). Priozersk is a small town of around 19,000 people in the Leningrad Oblast region of Russia, roughly two hours drive from Saint Petersburg. Located near the border with the Karelia region, it is sandwiched between Lake Ladoga and the Vuoksi River.… Continue reading


Web-marketing and social media: St.Petersburg

You are a native English/German speaker and have interest in web-marketing? We have an opening for a web marketing internship.


Wish for Ability to Connect With Any Human – Eric from California


Yesterday it was my honour to conduct an interview with our student Eric from the United States who wants to be able to connect with every human being. The 27 year old music-lover told me a lot exciting stuff about himself, foreign languages, Russia and Liden & Denz. Eric, thank you for taking your time!… Continue reading