March 8th – Celebrating Women’s Day in Russia

March 8th - Celebrating Women's Day in Russia

Every year on March 8th Russian women become the center of attention. This day is reserved for Russian men to pamper their wife, girlfriend, mother, sisters and favorite female co-workers with flowers, little presents or just an extra bit of attention. In a way, Women’s Day in Russia is like a mixture between Valentine’s and… Continue reading


Сергиев Посад

When you need a day off from the sheer scale and pace of Moscow, you know it’s time for a day trip. There are a few excellent choices on hand, but one of most unusual (and easiest to reach) is the beautiful city of Сергиев Посад (Sergiev Posad). As you enter the town, you’ll probably… Continue reading


A visit to the Hermitage

Almost everyone who comes to St. Petersburg for any amount of time visits certain “must see” sights in the city. There are all the world famous cathedrals, palaces and of course, museums like the State Hermitage  (Государственный Эрмитаж) that make St. Petersburg such an amazing place to visit. Despite the widespread praise of these sites,… Continue reading