March 8th – Celebrating Women’s Day in Russia

March 8th - Celebrating Women's Day in Russia

Every year on March 8th Russian women become the center of attention. This day is reserved for Russian men to pamper their wife, girlfriend, mother, sisters and favorite female co-workers with flowers, little presents or just an extra bit of attention. In a way, Women’s Day in Russia is like a mixture between Valentine’s and… Continue reading


4 Amazing Libraries in Moscow

Amazing Libraries

4 Amazing Libraries in Moscow And because we are in the Year of Literature, I thought it was appropriate to tell you about some of the amazing libraries in Moscow I wholeheartedly recommend you to visit! Российская государственная библиотека (Russian State Library) Let’s start with the largest library in Europe and 4th largest in the world, known by… Continue reading


Volunteer at the Charitable Institution: St.Petersburg

Volunteer programme in organizations in St.Petersburg focuses on the opportunity to work with children and their families who are in critical situation.