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27 Jun
Meet Our Staff: Elena I recently sat down with Elena Tsirlina, our lovely booking manager at Liden & Denz, to chat about her every day duties at school. She is one of the people responsible for students’ seamless transition into life in Russia, and here’s how she does it: Hi, Elena! Thanks for taking your ...
21 Jun
Farewell, Tilly! The time has come, once again… I must bid farewell to a fellow intern and dear friend. Tilly Hicklin is on her way back to Bristol, but I didn’t let her leave without having her sit down with me first: Here’s our talk about her Russian experience! Tilly, tell me a little about ...
05 May
You’ve arrived in Russia and the first thing you want is borshch. Where should you get it? At a stolovaya (столовая), of course! How can you order it? In this video Liden & Denz Intern Ryan Gourley will show you the ins and outs of ordering food in Russia in the setting of a stolovaya. ...
27 Apr
Welcome to our new video series: Immersive Russian, where you will learn by exploring some of the most exciting places in Russia! This week Liden & Denz intern Ryan Gourley will take you to the Sennoy Market (Сенной рынок) – one of the most iconic spots in Saint-Petersburg. You’ll learn all the phrases you’ll need ...