Meet Our Staff: Elena

Meet Our Staff: Elena I recently sat down with Elena Tsirlina, our lovely booking manager at Liden & Denz, to chat about her every day duties at school. She is one of the people responsible for students’ seamless transition into life in Russia, and here’s how she does it: Hi, Elena! Thanks for taking your… Continue reading


Greetings from Esther! Здравствуйте!


Greetings from Esther! I am Esther, greetings!  I am 28, from … well, I was born in Seoul, schooled in Bologna, sent to college in Bloomington, Indiana, then moved to Amsterdam where I finished my BA last year (Eastern-European Studies). Now, after six or so months in Sankt Petersburg, I think I might have found… Continue reading


Gratitude Days Turn Into Years! Happy 2017 !

Happy 2017

Gratitude Days Turn Into Years! Happy 2017 ! The months of Gratitude are upon us. Or, should I say days? Starting with Thanksgiving in the West all the way to Epiphany in the East. I am talking about two different religions here, конечно (clearly). What about the rest of the year? What is it about… Continue reading