New intern alert: Hello Anna

New Intern Anna

Всем привет, my name is Anna, I’m 23 years old and I will work as an Intern in the position of Social Media Assistant for the next five weeks here in St. Petersburg. I will be responsible for the content on Facebook and Instagram. With this blog post I would like to introduce myself. Four… Continue reading


Good-bye, St. Petersburg!

Hannah and her teacher Svetlana

After a whole 12 weeks at Liden and Denz in St. Petersburg, it is finally time for me to say good-bye and go home. I’m grateful that I got to see the “White Nights” here in St. Petersburg and experience a Russian summer. My first time in Russia was in the fall semester so I… Continue reading


Привет from the new intern at Liden & Denz in Moscow

Intern in Moscow

Привет всем! My name is Vera Ahtonen and I am from Sweden. I am currently doing an internship at the Liden and Denz language centre in Moscow and I will be here for the next three months. A short description of me would be “The Swede who is in love with Russia”. A longer one… Continue reading


Goodbye Moscow

Three months have gone by, and it is now time to conclude my stay in Moscow! This is my first time in Russia. Exactly one year ago, I began studying Russian and am happy that things have turned out so well. One year ago I was sitting in the library to learn the Cyrillic alphabet.… Continue reading


Hello from Giulia, the new intern from Italy!

Hello from Giulia, the new intern

Всем привет! I am Giulia, from Italy and I will be interning at Liden & Denz centre in St. Petersburg for the next two months. I study Languages for International Cooperation at the University of Padua and I have just finished my first year of Master’s. When I decided to study Russian I did not… Continue reading


Meet Ryan, who is just starting his internship in Russia

Hello everyone, I am a new intern here at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. My name is Ryan, and I am from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This is my second time in Saint Petersburg, while doing my undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria (Uvic), in 2017, I had the opportunity to do an… Continue reading


A quick introduction to Liden and Denz’s new intern, Lizzie!

  Hello everyone! My name is Lizzie, and I’m happy to introduce myself as a new member of the Liden & Denz team. I am from the East Midlands of the UK originally, though I moved to London when I was eighteen in order to start my undergraduate degree. I am a third year student… Continue reading


Привет from new intern Krisztián

Всем привет! My name is Krisztián. I’m a new intern from Hungary, who is lucky enough to spend the whole summer studying Russian in one of the most beautiful and breathtaking cities in the world, Saint Petersburg.  I first got into contact with Russia through it’s rich literature. The novels of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy served… Continue reading