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08 Mar
Every year on March 8th Russian women become the center of attention. This day is reserved for Russian men to pamper their wife, girlfriend, mother, sisters and favorite female co-workers with flowers, little presents or just an extra bit of attention. In a way, Women’s Day in Russia is like a mixture between Valentine’s and ...
15 Dec
24 HOURS WITH… A lot of stores in Saint-Petersburg is open 24 hours a day. THE ПРОДУКТЫ This literally means ‘products’ and is the name of small food stores which can be found in almost every street in the city. You can go there 24 hours a day to buy bread, juice, chocolate and cigarettes. ...
05 Mar
International Women’s Day (Междунаро́дный же́нский день) is coming up this weekend! Celebrated on the 8th of March, this national holiday is a political celebration to symbolise the fight of women all over the world for equality, democracy and peace. Although still a political holiday across the world, in Russia the political motives have been reduced ...