Soviet Union Hipsters – Stilyagi

Soviet Union Hipsters - Stilyagi

For foreigners curious about Russia, the first place they usually go is to Russian films. Lucky for them, there’s a great number of Russian films widely available on the internet today. Mosfilm for instance upload their large catalogue on Youtube and include English subtitles. Here is an open window into Russian and Soviet culture that… Continue reading


Дружелюбная атмосфера

Дружелюбная атмосфера, веселые учителя, каждый проводит интересные уроки. Даже если ты приходишь злой и усталый, то после занятий становится легче, и кажется, что «Life is beautiful». Олег Громов (стандартный групповой курс английского языка – продвинутый уровень)


Escape to the seaside in the city centre

 You’ll start to doubt whether Dunes (Дюны) truly exists as you wander through the grim industrial estate just off Ligovsky Prospekt (Лиговский Проспект). Have a little faith because just a few steps away you’ll find a beach bar hangout great for a chilled evening with friends in the summer. Outside is a paddling pool, sand,… Continue reading