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18 Aug
5 Russian Soft Drinks you Need to Try When thinking of Russian drinks, it is most likely that vodka and other alcoholic drinks will spring to mind. However, there are lots of tasty soft drinks that are very popular in Russia. Here are 5 that I recommend trying. Kvas (Квас) Kvas is found in many ...
31 Jan
The Russian wood stove The wood stove forms the center of a traditional Russian house. This type of stove is very expansive in size, but very efficient when it comes to energy. Because of its design, heat can be retained for a long time. A good stove requires fueling only twice a day. This significant element ...
21 Jul
When in Russia: Drink Kvas, an Ultimate Russian Drink! “Bad kvas is better than good water”, at least according to a common Russian saying about this Russian drink. And if you’ve ever quenched your thirst on kvas, you might as well give some credit to Russian popular wisdom, since this sparkling and tart drink is very good indeed. Plus, ...