Russian Language Mistakes Everyone Makes

Language mistakes

If I had a rouble for every time I made mistakes that led to cringing embarrassment of epic, Bridget Jones’ proportion, I’d probably be able to buy all the snacks from the Liden & Denz vending machine. There are just so many funny, and altogether common mistakes we all make when learning Russian. Such is… Continue reading


New internships available at Liden & Denz

Liden & Denz St.Petersburg offers unpaid internships to undergraduate or graduate students wishing to combine work and study in Russia. Internships at the centre can be full-time or part-time. Check details and conditions or have a look at the current positions.


Miranda – Our Language Star From London!

Miranda – Our Language Star From London! Today I had the honour to conduct an interview with our student Miranda from England. As many of us know, she is able to speak almost five languages fluently! The whole story behind her language skills and behind her stay in Russia, I found out through a nice… Continue reading