Russian Language Mistakes Everyone Makes

Language mistakes

If I had a rouble for every time I made mistakes that led to cringing embarrassment of epic, Bridget Jones’ proportion, I’d probably be able to buy all the snacks from the Liden & Denz vending machine. There are just so many funny, and altogether common mistakes we all make when learning Russian. Such is… Continue reading


Moscow’s Fallen Monument Park: Soviet Statue Graveyard

Fallen Monument Park

Moscow’s Fallen Monument Park: Soviet Statue Graveyard Located on the Krymskaya Naberezhnaya embankment is a Fallen Monument park unlike any other in Moscow. The park is filled with statues and monuments left behind from the Soviet-era. In 1991, due to anti-Soviet sentiments, many of the statues and monuments of Soviet idols that were scattered throughout the… Continue reading


We Need to Talk About Erarta

I should probably start this article by saying that I really know nothing about art. Of course, it’s fun to pretend – wandering aimlessly around galleries and regurgitating snippets you’ve read online or on the painting description to those around you to try and sound clever. However, Erarta (29th line, Vasilievsky island, 2) is a… Continue reading