Russian Language Mistakes Everyone Makes

Language mistakes

If I had a rouble for every time I made mistakes that led to cringing embarrassment of epic, Bridget Jones’ proportion, I’d probably be able to buy all the snacks from the Liden & Denz vending machine. There are just so many funny, and altogether common mistakes we all make when learning Russian. Such is… Continue reading


Five Ways for a Full Russian Language Immersion

Go deeper. Get a full Russian language immersion

Learning a language is like learning to play an instrument or a sport. Regular practice will have its benefits and there is no better way to keep your practice ticking over than a full Russian language immersion! This article will give you some clear tips on how to fully immerse yourself in Russian whilst you… Continue reading


4 Ways to Memorize New Words

There’s endless debate about how many words you need to know in order to be ‘fluent’, I couldn’t try to put a number on it. When you consider learning a language, the expanse of vocabulary to learn can seem daunting but not when you consider it in increments. Here are a few ideas on how to… Continue reading


8 Benefits of Studying a Language Abroad

Do you want to travel somewhere new and exciting? Discover more about a different culture? Or maybe you want to improve your language skills quickly and effectively? Studying abroad is the best way to do all these things! Check out the list below to find out the advantages of studying a language abroad. 1) You learn things… Continue reading


7 things to consider before you start studying Russian

Russisch Lernen

There are plenty of good reasons why you should start learning Russian as a foreign language. With a total number of 277 million Russian speakers, it is considered the world’s 5th most commonly spoken language. You might find it interesting to hear that only about one half of the total number of Russian speakers is… Continue reading