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12 Oct

Time has come to say goodbye to Moscow already and, just as I expected, my experience here was so intense and full of emotions. Five weeks have gone by incredibly fast and now a part of me is ...

10 Oct

Why should (Italian) students come to learn Russian at L&D?
Being already at the end of my second experience at Liden & Denz and having been both at the school of Moscow and St. ...

22 Aug

It is no secret that learning a foreign language is very challenging. It is also no surprise that the only way to improve is to practise practise practise. Most of the time language-learners ...

06 Aug

Hello! My name is Michael Mayberry. I’m currently an intern studying Russian at the Liden & Denz Language Center in St. Petersburg. I’m a Russian-American who grew up in Ohio, USA. In my ...

03 Aug

A little bit about myself
Hi everyone, it is a pleasure to start writing in this blog! I am Francesca, the new intern at Liden & Denz Moscow. My main task is to write interesting ...

06 Oct

Whether you’re learning the Russian language or are just a movie lover, have a read through these five suggestions – I’m only going to provide you with the best!
Брат (1997)

12 Aug

Learn Russian on Skype with the elderly native speakers
If you’re learning a foreign language, I’m sure that at least once you wondered how long would it take to speak fluently or to ...

07 Aug

I do have a soft spot for Russian proverbs and sayings, there just seems to be one for every situation that has ever existed. My previous foray into the use of porridge to jazz up your ...

24 Jul

Learning a new language is a challenge no doubt – internalising new words, new grammar and syntax while trying to have it come out with some semblance of fluency. And that’s just speaking and ...

29 Mar

7 things to consider before you start studying Russian
There are plenty of good reasons why you should start learning Russian as a foreign language. With a total number of 277 million ...

19 Feb

How To Trick Your Brain into Speaking Russian Fast
Ты говоришь по-русски?

If you understand the above phrase, wonderful, apply what I’m about to say to your next language. If ...

17 Feb

If you ask me, the process of learning a language is never easy. Foreign vocabulary and grammatical structures do not just fly into your brain during sleep. However, I am convinced that making ...