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17 Jan

Travel Russia: Study Russian In Irkutsk, Siberia!
Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages will open a new campus in Irkutsk in Eastern Siberia – just before summer ...

09 Dec

Russian Cases Hardships: Myth Busting!
Once you decide to start learning Russian everyone begins intimidating you.
Mom says: Russian is sooo rough and confusing…by the way, what ...

23 Nov

In the following article I want to give you some useful advice about how to approach language learning. In the last years did a lot of research and checked out different approaches from people ...

22 Nov

Добрый день and hello to everybody,

My name is Maxim and I have the pleasure to study and work as an intern at the language center Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg for the following ...

27 Jun

As already suggested by Yuliana, one of our favorite teachers here at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg, another way for students to learn Russian outside the classroom is by watching cartoons. ...

08 Jun

Nowadays, there are countless apps and websites claiming to hold the key to unlocking a foreign language. A quick google search will through up thousands of pages with titles ...

06 Jun

Today marks the ‘UN Russian Language Day’ – an event established first celebrated in 2011. It was established with the aim of both raise awareness of the culture, history, ...

30 May

Duolingo: a free language learning game!
Привет ребята!

Today, I want to share with you a very useful website and mobile app for learning Russian and many other languages: ...

20 May

Last week, I interviewed* my Russian language teacher, Anya (Aня), to learn a little bit more about her background. Our class discussions are far-ranging and she regularly asks us questions ...

13 May

Here is one more interview covering a Student Story at Liden and Denz.
We interviewed two of our students, Rachid and Sophia, about their experiences and impressions of learning Russian ...

11 May

I am Esther, greetings!  I am 28, from … well, I was born in Seoul, schooled in Bologna, sent to college in Bloomington, Indiana, then moved to Amsterdam where I finished my BA last year ...

10 May

As usual, this is an Intern Introduction from one of our Spring 2016 Interns!


Привет everyone,

My name is Garbis and today is my first day with Liden & Denz in ...