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09 Jun
Learning new vocabulary can seem like a daunting task – you can spend a day practising a word only to forget it the next! However, there are ways to make memorising vocabulary a little bit easier and a lot less frustrating, so read on to discover the best methods in learning tricky new words.   ...
23 Nov
Tips for studying foreign languages In the following article I want to give you some useful advice about how to approach language learning. In the last years did a lot of research and checked out different approaches from people who succeeded in this area. Here is a short summary:   You need a willingness to ...
07 Sep
Studying Russian – Tips & Truth I started studying Russian at school when I was about 14, although I use the word ‘studying’ loosely. In reality it was sitting in a classroom staring into space while a teacher attempted to communicate with us in unintelligible sounds- which I now assume were the Russian language. It ...
02 Jun
How to speed learn Russian? We all know that techniques to speed learn a language like Russian require extra time and effort. It is not easy. On the contrary, it requires dedication, diligence and time. In fact, it’s unthinkable to improve your language skills in a short amount of time, but on the other hand ...