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28 Mar
The Soviet Union was famous for many things. Its flag, its leaders, its “evil,”  and, of course, its multiki (cartoons). After all, who doesn’t recall lazy Komsomol mornings sprawled out on your stomach with a warm bottle of Буратино (Soviet soda) next to you, eyes glued to the TV, hours melting away like ice cream ...
08 May
The history of Russian cinema can roughly be divided into three distinct periods. First, the imperial era. Second, the soviet era and lastly, the modern era – i.e. Russian cinema today. 1896 marks the year in which Russia for the first was acquainted with the cinematic arts. In that year the Lumière brothers first showed ...
03 Mar
Пойдём в кино? – Russian movies: enjoy and learn! Learning Russian language is a hard job, but there are many ways to make it a pleasure i.e. by watching Russian movies. Music and movies are among the most enjoyable solutions. Not only you practice your listening skills in this way, but you learn more about ...