Russian music for language learning, why not?

Russian music for dummies

Believe it or not, listening to some Russian music will help you a lot with your understanding of the language and its grammar structures. I can tell it to you since I’ve experienced it first hand. Though you may feel a little bit overwhelmed at the beginning because of the river of new words, it’ll… Continue reading


Винзавод: Moscow’s Kremlin of Contemporary Art

“Посетив ВИНЗАВОД, Вы всегда сможете увидеть искусство, определяющее не только сегодняшний, но и завтрашний день.”* Sofiya Trotsenko, President of VINZAVOD Round the corner from Kurskaya train station, the buildings of a former wine bottling factory have been converted into a contemporary art space. Since 2007, Vinzavod has been transformed into Russia’s biggest centre of contemporary… Continue reading


Tram is Fast – An Epiphany After Moscow Traffic Jam

Moscow Traffic Jam

Tram is Fast – An Epiphany After Moscow Traffic Jam Like in any big city, Moscow Traffic Jam is an experience of its own. Moscow is mired in daily traffic. This is a real problem, since every day, thousands of users spend some time blocked on the road. Did you know that Moscow is now the city… Continue reading