А напоследок я скажу: Все, пока(:


  А напоследок я скажу: Все, пока(: I’ve always been terrible at goodbye’s, but here’s a pitiful attempt… Actually, I guess I’m copping out of it slightly, cause I’ll let these two Calvin and Hobbes comics say it all. I would personally recommend this comic strip to anyone because of the depth it has in… Continue reading


Shared Flat Availability November – December 2011

Please hurry up to book independent and centrally located accommodation while you are studying Russian with us. Vacancies Moscow from 27 NOV till 04 DEC – 1 single room from 25 DEC till 08 JAN – 2 single rooms Vacancies St.Petersburg from 05 NOV till 13 NOV – 1 single room from 27 NOV till… Continue reading


Web copywriter: St.Petersburg, Moscow

We have an opening for persons writing for the internet, optimizing web pages, writing newsletters and advertising.