А напоследок я скажу: Все, пока(:


  А напоследок я скажу: Все, пока(: I’ve always been terrible at goodbye’s, but here’s a pitiful attempt… Actually, I guess I’m copping out of it slightly, cause I’ll let these two Calvin and Hobbes comics say it all. I would personally recommend this comic strip to anyone because of the depth it has in… Continue reading


Polaroids Around Riga

Polaroids Around Riga So with it being my last couple days and all, I decided to skip writing a post and instead share my favorite pictures from my stay here. Funny thing you’ll notice is all the pictures are on Polaroid film (from the cameras the print up the picture as soon as you take it).… Continue reading


Much More than a Mitten: Latvian Symbology


Much More than a Mitten: Latvian Symbology If you walk through Old Town, you’ll quickly realize one of the biggest tourist items to buy is knitted clothes, mainly mittens decorated in elaborate designs. While hats and scarves are also popular, you can always find a full rack of these hand warmers, with their distinctive tipped… Continue reading


Kayaking Down the Daugava


Kayaking Down the Daugava I think I’ve talked about this frequently in recent posts, but a lot of my expectations for my stay here were generated from my first Google search of “Riga, Latvia”. Overwhelmingly, those first few couple search results I read ended up being things I either wanted to see or do during these six weeks. Consequently, I… Continue reading


Rigan Meteorology: Weather You Like It or Not


Rigan Meteorology: Weather You Like It or Not Something I’ve come to appreciate here is how no matter what the Rigan sky looks like on any given day, a series of meteorological events are bound to happen. You’ll have at least one glorious moment of sunshine, warmth and bright light, when everything seems right in… Continue reading