The Lions Gate

Swedish Gate Riga

The Lions Gate Wandering through Old Town, you’ll find the area lends itself to a small city feel. With few exceptions, you can get lost in the small tunnels and alleys and back passages leading in all different directions. And as busy as it gets with other tourists and foreigners, there are always opportunities where… Continue reading


Soft opening of our new St. Petersburg language centre

All Russian language courses in St.Petersburg have been moved to our new city centre location opposite the Russian Museum as of Monday 6 June 2010. This is a week later than planned, but it was a smooth move by all means. Interior photos of the new location will be released in mid June. For the… Continue reading


The Riga Opera Festival

The Riga Opera Festival has been taking place for 18 years now, and it has become a cherished tradition for many opera aficionados from Latvia and abroad. The event takes place at the Latvian National Opera House and starts June 5th and ends June 18th, and tickets have been for sale since January. Many performances that… Continue reading