The Lions Gate

Swedish Gate Riga

The Lions Gate Wandering through Old Town, you’ll find the area lends itself to a small city feel. With few exceptions, you can get lost in the small tunnels and alleys and back passages leading in all different directions. And as busy as it gets with other tourists and foreigners, there are always opportunities where… Continue reading


A fabulous visit at Eliseevsky store

When walking along Nevksy Prospekt, you definitely won’t overlook the famous Eliseevsky delicacy store. The colourful designed store at the corner of the ancient Eliseevsky building is an absolute eye-catcher. A short step into history The huge building was constructed in Art Nouveau and was a creation of the architect Gavriil Baranovsky. The shop distinguishes… Continue reading


Place to be: Mendeleev Bar


Rechts neben dem Tresen eines kleinen, etwas schäbigen Suppen-Take-Aways, stehen zwei aufgepumpte Türsteher in schwarzen Anzügen und werfen einen grimmigen Blick in Richtung Eingang des Mini-Restaurants. Google Maps muss uns wohl die falschen Koordinaten geliefert haben. Dies wird wohl kaum die hippe Bar sein, die uns ein junger Russe in beigem Burberry Mantel empfohlen hat.… Continue reading