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27 Jun
Meet Our Staff: Elena I recently sat down with Elena Tsirlina, our lovely booking manager at Liden & Denz, to chat about her every day duties at school. She is one of the people responsible for students’ seamless transition into life in Russia, and here’s how she does it: Hi, Elena! Thanks for taking your ...
23 Jun
Teacher Interview – Varvara! Continuing our #meetourstaff initiative here at Liden & Denz Saint Petersburg, yesterday I interviewed our teacher Varvara, who, luckily for me, was happy to speak English (after a while…) What’s your name? Varvara Sheronosova. Where are you from, and how long have you been living in Saint Petersburg? I was born ...
16 Jun
Meet Tatiana: one of our most beloved members of staff! Today, for our #meetourstaff initiative, I interviewed Tatiana Kuzub. Tatiana is not only one of our most beloved members of staff, but she’s also a good friend and a person you can always count on. She is one of the first people I met when ...
09 Jun
Yuliana Muzychenko – Russian language teacher Today for our readers of the Liden & Denz blog, as part of our #meetourstaff initiative, I interviewed Yuliana Muzychenko – in Russian.   Where are you from? I am from Saint Petersburg – but I was born in Leningrad. Back then it was Leningrad.   When did you ...