Goodbye from Valentina: пока Россия, I’ll see you soon!

Valentina in Moscow

Time has come to say goodbye to Moscow already and, just as I expected, my experience here was so intense and full of emotions. Five weeks have gone by incredibly fast and now a part of me is not ready to leave the school, my room, my friends, and my daily routine in this beautiful… Continue reading


8 Things You Didn’t Know About St. Petersburg

Eight Things You Didn’t Know About St. Petersburg 1. The Lucky Cat Yelisei Looking for some luck? Make your way towards Malaya Sadovaya street (Малая Садовая улица) and look for a bronze cat sitting on a platform up over your head — in the eaves of the Eliseyev Emporium. Legend has it that throwing a coin to the… Continue reading



It’s the end of November and not surprisingly, it’s getting cold out in Russia. So, it’s a good time to participate in some traditional Russian practices and pile into Pishyechnaya na bolshoi konyushenoi(Пышечная на Большой Конюшенной) and wait for your chance to taste some deliciously greasy Pishki (Пышки). Sometimes referred to as simply Russian Doughnuts,… Continue reading