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27 Sep

When I first arrived in Saint Petersburg, the metro seemed too intimidating, and I managed to get around the city by foot to start with. As a result, during my first week here, my step count ...

28 Sep

It’s certainly one of the first things you read about while searching the internet to get an overview before you travel to St Petersburg. And as I had already heard from so many people about ...

18 Sep

Exploring new countries and places can be a huge adventure, especially when it comes to somewhere like Russia. If you want to start your journey well, I recommend you to read through the ...

22 Aug

As every authentic big city, St. Petersburg has its own metro: this is the most useful mean of transport, especially if you need to reach a distant place very quickly or if you have to travel ...

23 Jun

Moscow’s metro is truly unlike any other! Spend any time in the city, and you’ll certainly be travelling on its underground – our handy dictionary will introduce you to the ...

20 Feb

I am impressed by the number of construction projects that are running in the city right now.
The Lakhta Center is a good example of incredible building speed. It is a non-residential ...

22 Dec

The Saint Petersburg metro is one of the deepest metro systems in the world. To make things easier for passengers, every metro station has immense escalators. The majority of the escalator ...

06 Oct

Known until only recently as The All-Russian Exhibition Centre and now by its original name, VDNKh (ВДНХ), this really is the perfect place to engage with exhibitions on a broad range of ...

04 Oct

In Russian: “Я глуяю в парке”
One of my favourite things to do is walk around a city park. Here you are able to watch how people and nature interact.  Visitors are exposed to ...

04 Dec

Many cities across the world have adopted the metro as the preferred method of public transportation, but few have gone to the same extent as Russia has to beautify their metro stations and ...

11 Apr

Exploring Moscow Metropolitan Subway
When you arrive in Moscow, there is something you cannot miss: the subway. Usually we consider it as a means of transport. But here it is more than ...