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07 Aug
I notice that all my friends are away on summer vacation, except me who, of course, continues with Russian. 😉 Since it is summer and people have free time, I will recommend three modern Russian novels for those wanting to dive into modern Russian literature this summer. I assume the classics are already well-known, so ...
27 Jul
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Under the Soviet Union, most people with tattoos have one thing in common: membership in criminal gangs. The tattoo system among them is quite complicated. The type of tattoo traced back to their place of imprisonment or their status in these organisations. Underground tattoo culture took on a life of its own, beyond simply art. So ...
28 Sep
Round and Round: the New Moscow Central Circle On the 10th September a new line opened on the Moscow Metro circuit: the Moscow Central Circle, or MCC (Московское центральное кольцо, МЦК). The new route, drawn on my handy Yandex Metro app map in a dusty pink that Farrow and Ball would possibly care to call ...