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19 Apr
During a stay in the Russian capital, you can’t get around it: the Moscow Metro. Its magnificent architecture makes it one of the most beautiful in the world. In the meantime, this most important means of transport, with its 12 lines and 223 stations, has been in existence for 84 years. But it is said ...
08 Nov
I came to Moscow for the first time in late winter, when the average temperature was -12° with snow and wind. It would have been the perfect weather to visit museums and to walk around their warm halls. Unfortunately, I am not really a fan: I prefer architecture, parks, churches, markets… all those kind of ...
28 Sep
Round and Round: the New Moscow Central Circle On the 10th September a new line opened on the Moscow Metro circuit: the Moscow Central Circle, or MCC (Московское центральное кольцо, МЦК). The new route, drawn on my handy Yandex Metro app map in a dusty pink that Farrow and Ball would possibly care to call ...
02 Aug
Tour of the Moscow Metro The Moscow Metro is like a museum of the Soviet Union. The Moscow Metro opened in 1935. Each station uses art to illustrate past events, the people of the Soviet Union and the bright future of the Soviet Union poets and writers predicted at the time. I will show you ...
12 May
What to expect at Revolution Square metro station? Revolution square metro station is a museum on its own – great architecture, symbolism and superstition at one place. On May 15th, the Moscow metro celebrates its 81st anniversary. This is a good occasion for us to devote a couple of posts to a magnificent architectural landmark ...
29 Mar
Our Moscow centre reports that all students currently enroled, as well as all staff and teachers safely arrived at school this morning. Nobody is missing. We will post more information soon.