Dusting down the State Museum of Biology

State Museum Biology

Dusting down the State Museum of Biology Among the many blocks of flats dominating Malaya Gruzinskaya Ulitsa is a redbrick manor house that once belonged to Pyotr Shchukin, one of three brothers famed for their art and literature collections. The building once housed Shchukin’s own museum, displaying his treasures, but now it is the home of the rather… Continue reading


10 Strange Russian Superstitions

When I first arrived in Russia, I never understood why putting my handbag on the floor was such a big deal. After the hundredth time of being told to put it on the chair next to me, I discovered there is actually a superstition attached to it – putting your bag on the floor will… Continue reading


Sochi Fever Continues

If you didn’t manage to go to Sochi for the Winter Olympics 2014 to see all the athletes in action, here’s your change to meet actual Olympians! Over the next few weeks, you’ll have to opportunity to meet and greet athletes like bobsled team member Kirill Antyukh, curling team member Pyotr Dron and speed skater… Continue reading