Moskvarium: Not a Whale of a Time

Moskvarium orca captives

Moskvarium: Not a Whale of a Time It is no secret that my favourite place in Moscow is and always has been VDNKh (ВДНХ). So imagine my disappointment and distress when, in 2015, I found out what the latest attraction in the park was to be: the biggest aquarium in Europe. Although I have been… Continue reading


5 St. Petersburg bars to start your night out

food & drink at St. petersburg bars

Do you feel like going out but not sure where to go first? Here are five suggestions on where to start your night out in Saint Petersburg. Apotheke Anyone who’s lived in Saint Petersburg for a while have a story to tell about Dumskaya, the area where the Dumskaya street and Lomonosov street meet, a… Continue reading