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10 Apr
There was a saying in the former Soviet Union: “Today he plays jazz, tomorrow he’ll sell out his motherland”. Back then, jazz was seen as Western, subversive and something not to be trusted. Fortunately, times have changed, and today St. Petersburg attracts top jazz performers from across Russia and indeed the world. Every year, the ...
16 Mar
Saint Petersburg is called “The capital of Russian rock”, but this definition doesn’t give the idea of how much music is alive through the streets of this culturally thriving city. There is something for all tastes: while walking along the central streets in the evening it is not uncommon, through the windows of the cafes, ...
31 May
Looking for a great place to spend a night out in Saint Petersburg?  This map will help you out! It shows the most popular venues in Saint Petersburg sorted by categories like bars or clubs. Simply click on one or more of the categories and pins with related venues will appear on the map. To get ...
23 Aug
Dumskaya Ulitsa, Where The City Comes Alive At Night Unassuming by day, you can quietly pass through the small street tucked down the side of Gostiny Dvor (Гостиный Двор). But after dark, and especially on the weekend, Dumskaya Ulitsa (Думская Улица) becomes the centre of grotty and underground nightlife in St. Petersburg. Wander into one ...