Loanwords: how Russian reflects European influence

Not only people travel, also words do! When a word is adopted from one language and incorporated into another language without translation it is called loanword. Loanwords are used every day: people are so accustomed to them that they don’t even realise that they are using a foreign word. Loanwords of course can be found in Russian, as in every other… Continue reading


Говоришь по-рýсски? Learn Russian with these 2 Apps

Learning a new language with these 2 Apps was never that funny! Die deutsche Version des Artikels finden Sie hier. Who of you doesn’t know it? One is interested in a certain language and you would like to improve it wherever you can – in the train on your way to work or while waiting… Continue reading


Live Music this Weekend


For many visitors to the city, the St. Petersburg stage brings to mind the opulent operas and ballet halls of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theatres… But there is also a vibrant scene of alternative, experimental live music, as exemplified this weekend by two electronic music events at Erarta. Since opening in 2010, Erarta has been… Continue reading