St Petersburg’s most beautiful “доходный дом”

What do Rasputin and Raskolnikov have in common? Apart from the alliteration of their names, they both lived in a particular type of apartment building. Both the infamous and mysterious characters of St Petersburg’s history and literature alike lived in these buildings known as “доходный дом” – where flats all grouped together were rented out.… Continue reading


‘Realisms’: A new exhibition at the Hermitage

Realisms in Hermitage

‘Realisms’ at the Hermitage While many tourists and natives visit the Hermitage every day, much of the attention is paid to the world acclaimed permanent collection. Today however, marks the opening of ‘Realisms’ (or ‘Peaлизмы’), a new exhibition featuring 21 works by British artist Mitch Griffiths, as well as art by Jim Shaw and Tony… Continue reading


Come memorizzare meglio parole nuove

better memorize new words

Come memorizzare meglio parole nuove Vi capita mai di provare frustrazione mentre state cercando di ampliare il vostro vocabolario, ma certe parole non vogliono proprio entrarvi in testa? Le avete studiate, le avete ripetute 100 volte, ma per qualche ragione non riuscite proprio a ricordarvele? Non disperate, dopo 2 0 3 anni di studio di… Continue reading