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04 Jun
St. Petersburg Practical Information: Getting a Haircut If you’ve been here for a long time and feel your hair is starting to look a bit untidy and really needs a haircut; or maybe you’re just desperate for a new style, don’t be afraid to visit a hair dresser here in St Petersburg! You may be ...
28 May
This week’s practical information is all about public transport within the city. There’s a wide range of ways to get around the city and although you can do it on foot, of course, the public transport here is cheap and efficient and definitely worth using. The metro is the most obvious choice: with five lines ...
07 May
This week’s Practical Information concerns going away for a day or for a weekend. We all love St Petersburg, obviously, but every so often it’s nice to discover somewhere new! St Petersburg is ideally located in the north-west of Russia, and it’s very easy to get to places like Vyborg, Moscow and Pushkin from the ...
23 Apr
Russian currency, as you all know, is called the rouble and there are 100 kopecks in one rouble. Roubles are issued in coins in amounts of one, two, five and ten roubles, and bank notes come in values of ten, fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand and five thousand roubles. You can also find ...