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13 Oct
Pronunciation in Russian Since arriving in St. Petersburg, one of the most frustrating things I have found when speaking Russian is not being understood due to my pronunciation. Even when I am confident that I know the word, and have used it in the correct context with the correct declension, there are times when I ...
27 Mar
Learning Russian for absolute beginners So, you have just decided to learn Russian and look for a helping hand? Congratulations, stop searching – you’ve landed on the right page! This blog is for all who have just started learning Russian or have decided to start learning this interesting and mysterious language. My aim is to ...
20 Jun
Correct pronunciation plays a huge part in improving your language skills. Using perfect grammar and sophisticated vocabulary is great, but sounding like a native speaker is the ultimate goal for anyone interested in languages. Although it can be difficult, it’s not impossible, so read on for some handy tips in improving your pronunciation!   1) ...