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06 Apr
St Petersburg has an abundance of cool brunch spots right in the city centre. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which places are worth a visit.  So, here are a few spots that I have tried and tested, and some more that I have been eying up online, and ...
27 Jul
If you are spending a prolonged period in Russia, you may be lucky enough to have friends or family from your native country coming to visit. My mum and sister came to visit me last week, and as with them, it is probably unlikely that a group of visitors will know any Russian or will ...
20 Sep
Die deutsche Version des Artikels finden Sie hier. You love Japanese food, especially sushi? Sankt Petersburg offers a lot of possibilities to get delicious sushi for a reasonable price. As a sushi fan, I discovered the last days some restaurants which are definitely recommendable. If you already spent some time in Sankt Petersburg, you certainly ...