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21 Jul
If you are craving a delicious lamb vindaloo or chicken madras curry, you definitely need to visit this restaurant. Their menu is huge, with a wide selection of vegetarian alternatives, and the food is incredible. Not only that, service is very fast, attentive and caring, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. On their website you can ...
03 Jul
There is a really nice restaurant just inside Galeria mall in Ploshad Vosstanya. I know: malls are not known to have good restaurants, but trust me on this one. It is actually a really good restaurant with a huge terrace. The kitchen is open (which is a concept I see many restaurants are taking on), ...
06 Feb
4 Sushi Bars and Restaurants To Visit in St Petersburg Санкт-Петербург ‘St Petersburg’ is a cosmopolitan city and home to many fantastic restaurants which offering varying international cuisine, catering to all tastes. Sushi is particularly popular here, as you will discover from the numerous Japanese restaurants. So, If you have had your fill of блины и ...