From one cold city to another! Meet the newest Liden & Denz intern.

Hi! My name is Liz. I am from Minnesota in the United States, and am the newest intern at Liden & Denz. From exploring Russian history to finding great places to study, I hope to share what I find in St Petersburg with you. This is my fourth time in St Petersburg, but my first… Continue reading


A tour at Baltika Brewery: discovering beer

Yesterday, Liden & Denz students went on an excursion at Baltika Brewery in St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that beer is not a traditional drink in Russia, Baltika Brewery (Пивоваренная компания Балтика) is still one of the biggest factories producing beer in all Europe. In fact, it is bigger than any factory in the UK… Continue reading


Perché i Russi non sorridono?

Russians never smile

Perché i Russi non sorridono? Gli stranieri, soprattutto quelli che arrivano in Russia per la prima volta, hanno spesso un’impressione totalmente negativa del popolo Russo e si domandano perché i Russi siano sempre così sostenuti, così seri e perché sia così difficile per loro accennare anche solo un lieve sorriso o fare quel gesto di… Continue reading