The Case of Anna Anderson and the Missing Romanov

You’ve probably heard about the missing Romanov children, the whole debacle as to whether they survived, leading to imposters and decades of speculation. The most infamous case is probably that of Anna Anderson. Anderson came into the picture about two years after the fate of the Romanovs when she jumped off a bridge in Berlin.… Continue reading


360 View by White Rabbit – One of Moscow’s Best

360 View

360 View by White Rabbit – One of Moscow’s Best If you are looking for an incredible gastronomical experience in Moscow with a 360 view, you shouldn’t miss White Rabbit. This very well-known restaurant is located on the 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage, allowing an astonishing 360 degree view of Moscow city. This haute-cuisine restaurant… Continue reading


Jewel Collection: The Diamond Fund

Diamond Fund

Jewel Collection: The Diamond Fund When in Moscow, a trip to Kremlin and Red Square is effectively obligatory. Both sites are included in UNESCO List of World Natural Heritage sights, as they are inextricably linked to all the most important historical and political events in Russia since the 13th century’. According to the UNESCO website:… Continue reading