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10 Aug
You’ve probably heard about the missing Romanov children, the whole debacle as to whether they survived, leading to imposters and decades of speculation. The most infamous case is probably that of Anna Anderson. Anderson came into the picture about two years after the fate of the Romanovs when she jumped off a bridge in Berlin. ...
10 Jul
The run of terrible weather lately has got everyone in a very bad mood in Moscow. Especially during our Russian lessons here at L&D we couldn’t help but be irritated by the rain, since almost all of our plans and activities for the afternoon were cancelled. Fortunately, last week things went well in the end, ...
07 Dec
The Mikhailovsky Castle: housing the Romanovs One of the various beautiful palaces and parks, located in the city of Saint-Petersburg is the former residence of Grand Duke and Romanov Pavel Petrovich I and his family. The initial ideas for the architectural style of the castle came from Pavel himself, not wanting to live in the, ...