VK Fest – worth the hype?

This coming weekend the 20-21st of July 2019, VK Fest will be setting up in St Petersburg for the fifth year in a row. VK Fest is markedly the biggest festival in Russia – last year over 90 thousand people came from far and wide to attend this summer event. The tickets cost around 3000… Continue reading


Russian Books and Bookshops – Learning Russian with Audiobooks


Russian Books and Bookshops – Learning Russian with Audiobooks  Bookshops are true sanctuaries, for Russians are a reading nation! They are proud of both their literary heritage and of how much they read and know about books, written by both national and foreign authors. Engaging a conversation on books may sometimes be a safe option when,… Continue reading


Republic of Kareliya (Республика Карелия)

The republic of Kareliya is located in the northern part of Russia, whose capital is the city of Petrozavodsk. Originally, from 1920 to 1939 it belonged to Finland until the Russian invasion; nowadays, most of the habitants are Russians but about a 10% of the population can speak Finnish. The capital was named this way… Continue reading