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28 Oct
The Cuban Missile Crisis, largely considered one of the most critical moments in history, was by many accounts the closest the world ever came to full-scale nuclear war. On this date, October 28th, the Cuban Missile Crisis came to a peaceful resolution when Premier Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev ordered the removal of Soviet missiles from Cuban soil. ...
22 Oct
Why Is The Red Square The Heart of Moscow? Red Square (Красная площадь) is a place of enormous significance to Russian history, and also to Western perception of Russia. For instance, the most commonly held beliefs on the origin of Red Square’s name are either associated with Communism, or alleged massacres which took place there ...
25 Sep
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The demand for native teachers of English, German and other foreign languages is still high in Russia. While the majority of young expat teachers opt for a warmer place to teach (Spain comes top), there are still enough candidates looking for a teaching position in Russia. A couple of things native foreign language teachers need ...
21 Jul
When in Russia: Drink Kvas, an Ultimate Russian Drink! “Bad kvas is better than good water”, at least according to a common Russian saying about this Russian drink. And if you’ve ever quenched your thirst on kvas, you might as well give some credit to Russian popular wisdom, since this sparkling and tart drink is very good indeed. Plus, ...
28 Apr
You may have seen that the Liden & Denz language centres in Russia will be closed on Thursday to celebrate Spring and Labour Day! International Workers’ Day is a celebration of labour and the working classes and coincides with the traditional European Spring holiday of May Day, hence why Russia celebrates both on the same ...
13 Feb
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This week, Liden & Denz  welcomed a guest speaker,  Joanna Watson from England to St. Petersburg, for a two day long teaching seminar. The seminar covered 6 different topics including working with young learners, teaching one on one, recognizing students needs, different learning styles and much more. The seminar was full, with over 25 teachers from ...
25 Feb
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Last year ended with a series of festivities dedicated to 20 Years of Liden & Denz teaching Russian in Russia! The main event was held at the Sokos Palace Bridge Hotel last November, where 100 invited guests and business partners celebrated this important event with us. Enjoy this nice video clip showing impressions of that ...
04 Jan
The Grapevine section of the January 2008 issue of LTM highlights our 15th anniversary party, held in St.Petersburg’s fabulous Hotel Astoria in October 2007. Language Travel Magazine – 15 Years Liden & Denz
03 Nov
Among the guests were members of the diplomatic community, city officials, press and TV, corporate clients, many of our students and most of our staff and teachers from both schools The celebrations were preceded by a press conference devoted to a new joint project of a Swiss Hospitality Academy in St.Petersburg which should open in ...
16 Sep
Students should know what to expect when they arrive in Russia! Language Travel Magazine – Face to Face